{saturdaysanté} week 5 | february 1

us today's saturdaysanté

spending some time in our new home.  just the couple of us.

hanging.  arranging.  moving.  adjusting.  redoing.  tending to the little things that make it us.

and then, pausing to explore our new surroundings and fit in a few moments for a lunch date.

nothing tastes better during a busy day of house work than Mexican food.  tacos.  burritos.  fresh tortillas.  super spicy salsa. guac.  and plenty of beans and cheese.

this guy.  he is a pretty great partner.  so dedicated and hardworking... and plenty of gosh darn fun.

p.s. my apologies for his unintentional middle finger in this pic.  i promise he didn't mean to flip you the bird.  we like you, really we do.