a spoonful of sugar

SD3 so we have started the cleaning and organizing training {ahem, brainwashing} early.  elinor has a giant striped basket which holds all of her family room playthings.  she likes to dive in and systematically remove odds and ends throughout the day.  but at bedtime, we have included in the routine,  a few moments for tidying.

the other night, i was preoccupied with some tidying up of my own so i asked ben if he would lead elinor in a round of "spoonful of sugar" to help facilitate a cheery cleanup.  he graciously obliged...but it didn't go exactly as usual...




A for effort, sweet hubby of mine.  you are so sweet to entertain my poppinsesque requests.  but never you worry.  i will have you kicking your knees up, stepping in time, loving to laugh, and flying a kite before you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.  bob's your uncle.