for the birthday girl

i can't even properly register what i am doing right now.  seriously. but yes indeed.  we are quickly and surely creeping closer to the anniversary of miss elinor's birth.

{insert a concoction of parental emotions here}

and so, in our preparation for the big day, the little miss and i have been chatting about some fun items that are on her official bday wish list.  she is pretty smitten with these items, you guys.  and very particular indeed.  these all received a big thumbs up from our E.  well, more like an enthusiastic arm flapping.  which just so happens to be way better.

may i proudly present...

miss elinor's first birthday fabulous things list:



clothes from peek kids | 2 suzette the fox from blabla  | 3 dresses and tights from hanna andersson | 4 a backup magic sleepytime blanket from petunia pickle bottom | 5 all things wooden!  here and here and here | 6 kicky pants pjs | 7 these platinum freshly picked moccs | 8 pythagorean theorem blanket | 9 every single item from the j.crew baby line - especially the cashmere

and then there are these cute little bits.


sweet girl.  such lovely taste, you have.  i promise that we will always share dreams and hopes.  how we wish that we could sprinkle pixie dust and make it all come true for you.  always.  always.