elinor's first selfie

e2 with the exception of taking pictures and capturing videos, i am trying to do my best to keep the iPhone away from miss elinor.  i really want to be present and set the phone aside while i am with her.  i really don't want her growing up thinking that my phone is some kind of appendage.  i need to be mindful of such things.  don't get me wrong, i love me some fun technology...but i would prefer it if elinor's childhood isn't utterly informed by its presence.

however, elinor thinks tech is pretty cool.  she is mesmerized when we go to the grandparents and she gets to watch football on the big screen.  she loves cords.  she thinks the laptop is fascinating. and she has an affinity for my phone.  and so, i occasionally cave and let her tap, shake, and nibble on it.  or, in the case of the above picture...capture her first selfie.  she is such a little photog.  she even managed to get a semi-clear shot of her itty-bitty tooth.  good job, little one.  now, put down the phone...and let's go read a book.