adding health

Adding Health 1 today, i am oh so honored to be a contributor over on sarah's beautiful blog.  what a treat!

i stumbled across her blog a few months back and have been hooked.  and then, we met up on instagram and have been stalking each other ever since.  i must say that connections like this really make all this social media hubbub worthwhile.

she is a lovely lady with the most delightful little family and the most eloquent musings.  her words are captivating and so real.

case in point?  her natural series.  i love this approach.  taking one thing at a time. one moment at a time.  a process of refining.  steady and meaningful adjustments that move us onward.  this series features attainable small steps toward a more natural and healthy lifestyle.  so balanced.  so real.  so doable.  yes!

and so, a few weeks back, sarah asked if i would collaborate with her (eep!) and provide some tips to "adding health" to your diet.  absolutely, i would.  i know that her blog is a precious place and that she doesn't open it up all this is especially humbling.

my thanks to sarah for giving me the chance to add my words to her collection.  i hope that my post is a nice little complimentary topic for her series.

head over to her neck of the woods and check it out!  and make sure to stay and play for a bit.  she is an exceptionally talented and moving writer and never fails to brighten and uplift.

ooh...and follow her on instagram, if you fancy.  she is @sarahannnoel