brasserie + bistro

a long, long time ago.  not that long ago... we used to eat cooked food.  and we splurged with lots of meat and desserts and cheese and butter.  good times. so now, to break up all this raw business, let me take you back to a few of our favorite date nights during our little staycation.

first up, the house brasserie

so european.  so perfect.  très savoureux.

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and later that week, we snuck away for a little bistro lunch at zinc bistro

as close as you can get to gay old pare-ee in az.  absolument parfait.

we nibbled on pommes frites and finished it up with doppio espresso, doppi biscotti, and the creamiest, dreamiest crème brûlée.  and then we closed our eyes and imagined that we were sitting in some perfect parisian bistro...

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