dear peanut {four months}

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happy four months, miss elinor!

wow-ee.  four months old, huh?  i can hardly believe that you will be wearing your 6-12 month summer dresses soon.  you are such a big girl.  and i must say, you are an absolute delight.  so cheery and smiley and fun.  little bits of your personality are shining through and it is amazing.  you are so entertaining.  becoming more and more like a little person.

you are quite distracted these days.  your mind is always going as you process the world around you.  it is so funny to see what fascinates you.  a cup, my toes, your fingers, stripes, the wall.  you just can't get enough of your environment.  your new favorite is your wall of prints in your room.  you will take a break from your bedtime snack to just lounge and stare.  i watch your eyes as they dart around, settle on an image, and then move on to the next.  each one is like a new adventure.  you sigh and smile and ooh and aah.  so darn cute.  and that print of the "peanut riding the unicorn" definitely holds an extra special place in your heart, you seem to have a real connection there.  but you are also mesmerized by the picture of cinderella's castle.  oh little girl, what fun we will have at disneyland one day!

you are mostly an independent player.  we are simply observers.  you swat at your dangley bugs, you nibble on your toys, and you suck on your thumb while chatting away.  every so often, you allow us to be a part of playtime.  and that is pure delight.  but i do love how content you are to kick and squawk and entertain yourself.  and playtime has become much more exciting these days because you are so much mor active and squiggly.  you like to do an exaggerated flip from side to side to show off those baby obliques.  and you like to press the bottoms of your feet together and hold them up in the air while you hum and coo.  then, you will take in as much air as you can and extend your legs and arms simultaneously to kick off your bicycling legs action while you exhale and make rapid panting puppy dog sounds.  after all that is done, you will let out a big sigh before getting back into it.  this time, you add in a backbend/scoot which allows you to shift your body and move yourself in little circles.  major cirque du soleil moves going on.

and once you have tired yourself out, you move your head to the side and stare off into the distance while breathing slowly and deeply - and occasionally rubbing your little eyes.  this is when we get to swoop in and scoop you up for a nap.  these few moments are the best.  you sigh and nuzzle and grab onto our shirt and melt into a little ball of sweetness.  all that energy dissipates and you become a calm and sleepy thing who just wants to cuddle for a bit.  and so, we squeeze you and dance with you and you smile.  and then, in goes the thumb and you drift off into sleepyland.  being a baby is tiring, after all.  and you love your sleep.

you adore your stroller.  you love excursions.  lunches, shopping, walks, whatever.  the fresh air agrees with you and you seem to really enjoy listening to the din of the world from the comfort of your stroller {with your little mozart the monkey companion, of course}.  i want you to know that your parents SO appreciate your accommodating and contented spirit.  you go with the flow and let us take you wherever we go.  we hope that you will always enjoy traveling, meeting new people, and experiencing new things.  may you maintain that sense of adventure.  may you always be confident and bold as you explore and enjoy the world that God has created.

and the faces, oh the faces.  as your personality emerges more and more, your expressions are becoming more meaningful.  you don't just give us involuntary facial spasms.  you do it with purpose.  you furrow your brow, you roll your eyes, you smile sweetly, you shoot us a sideways glance, you raise an eyebrow...each expression is a distinct communication. we love it.  and we hope that you always flex your expression muscles.  we like a good dramatic face around here.

love, love, love,

your mama + your papa