hello march

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{what?  march already?  no way.}

have i mentioned that this is shaping up to be one crazy month?

hubby is taking his series 7.  elinor has a 4 month checkup.

{what?  i have a four-month old already?  no way.}

a birthday celebration.  st. patrick's day.  a wedding shower.


i don't know why this always happens to me.  february comes to a close and i have a mild freak-out that march has arrived.  mostly, it is a happy freak out.  like...hurray, spring is around the corner!  but it also contains a hint of panic and melancholy.  like...wait, i'm not ready for spring cleaning and to flip the closets and put away the sweaters and scarves!  and this year especially, i am feeling overwhelmed with that feeling of SLOW DOWN TIME!  this time last year i was getting ready to head to the doctor to confirm that we had a little peanut on the way.  and now, now that little peanut is a chatty little thing that rolls around on the floor and grabs at objects and smiles at me. and is moving through diaper sizes way too fast.  i am acutely aware of how quickly time can fly once springtime hits.  and it is thrilling but also jolting.

something deep in my bones starts buzzing with excitement this time of year.  i love the fresh infusion of energy and hope that seems to accompany the change of seasons. but i also mourn the cool breeze and coziness that fall/winter offers.  alas, time waits for no man.  the page turns.  the seasons shift.  and you know what?  i am going to embrace it.  let's do this march.  i am ready for a fresh start.  i am ready for the warm, fragrant air of spring.  i am excited to see what new life and creativity and joy bursts forth from the stagnant soil.

jesus, you're the one who saves us.

constantly creates us into something new.

jesus, surely  you will find us.

surely our  messiah will make all things new - will make all things new.

life is breaking out, it's breaking out, it's breaking  out.

gungor - dry bones