snaps & snippets & blurbs

what a fun few days.  we have been making rather merry, our little family of three.  lots of quiet and sweet moments together PLUS plenty of incredible memories made with our families.  don't you just love Christmas?  is anyone else kinda sad that it is over...already?  wow.  this season has flown by so fast!  i just want to rewind and then experience it all again in slow motion.  has anyone figured out how to do that yet?  nope.  okay.  well i guess that i will just have to relive it through some of my favorite little snaps.

i hope you had a most lovely holiday.

IMG_5513 IMG_5523 IMG_5520 IMG_5530 IMG_5527 IMG_5528 IMG_5532 IMG_5537 IMG_5546 IMG_5539 IMG_5538 IMG_5565 IMG_5564

off to christmas eve service + the glorious service of lessons and carols at our church + me and e + a burpcloth shepherd + my handsome hubby, my sweet giggling daughter, and my entertaining dad + a grainy little picture of our family + christmas morning mimosas while listening to the messiah, a festive and celebratory whitehouse tradition + a tree scene + our precious rudolph in her elf-inspired pjs + christmas morning with ben's family.  my view from the couch.  and boy did that bugaboo come in handy as our sleigh for transporting presents! + a stocking for elinor + christmas afternoon with my family + santa was so good to us.