gratitude {part four}

this gratitude list is care of ben's fabulous aunt anne.  want some visual proof of her fabulous-ness?  okay.  check out her inspiration boards on pinterest.  she has an eye for the lovely and cool.  and she knows how to savor every drop of life.

thank you for sharing, anne!


my salvation and personal relationship with Jesus that my family is all in with Christ for my each of them fill me with so much joy for laughter for tears for creativity my new daughter in law to be emily for my relationship with my sister and best friend, christina for my renewed relationship with our arizona family for learning about a new city with my best guy, david, who makes me so HAPPY, and blessed for my iPhone camera (too many pics on there) for my iPad for coffee and green tea and just be(ing) in the quiet presence of God, and waiting on Him to move. Love You Man!

this list grows and changes daily...hourly. and i plan to post a few of these in coming weeks.  what are you thankful for?  send me an email {} and i will feature your list here.