pregnancy pasta

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so, we are big fans of tyler florence. see here and here. he makes good food. the recipes seem super gourmet and the ingredients are incredible. can do it! and the final dish always turns out perfectly. he has the unique gift of being able to bring chef-style preparations and restaurant-quality dishes to life. at home.

he is our go-to guy.

many, many, many months ago. waaayyy pre-preggo. hubby and i were perusing the pages of cookbooks and he stumbled upon an amazing pasta recipe. we are talking pancetta carbonara, folks. to die for. the subtitle for the recipe was "a.k.a. my wife's pregnancy pasta". hmmm. ben looked at me with joy in his eyes and said "won't that be fun to make when you are pregnant?!" and so, the recipe was filed away under "someday".

well, "someday" has officially arrived. and my sweet hubby [man, i have a good one] is going to whip up a giant bowl of this rich, creamy, comforting goodness.   i can't wait to dig in! and yes, there will be drool-worthy pictures to come.  if the real thing looks anything like the professional shot above, we are in for some tasty stuff.