dear peanut

hello there miss peanut.  i hope you are having fun hanging out in my pelvis!  must be a nice change of scenery for you.  i can tell that you are reveling.  i must say, while i like that you have shifted down out of the ribs [sweet full lung capacity!] you are making things a bit more goofy in the "walking" arena.  hmmm.  please don't make me resort to waddling, little one.  not a cute look.

on a super adorable note: we got your diaper starter pack in the mail and they are just the cutest things!  your papa even brought one into work with him to show off how tiny you are and how precious those little BM-collectors are.  i think he's got it pretty bad.  papa-citis has taken over.  and i am no better.  we are officially those people.  the ones who tear-up over smooshy, squiggly, and goofy-looking ultrasounds.  the ones who show off diapers to co-workers.  diapers!  the ones who ooh and ahh over crocheted baby hats.  the ones who sniff baby lotion. [that one might be just me]  we are your parents.  your earthly stewards.  the ones that God has predestined to care for you and raise you.  what a tremendous blessing and calling.  what an overwhelming gift.  and you are stuck with us, little one.  all our flaws and eccentricities and personality.  in spite of it all, please know that our hearts' desire is to be godly parents...with a generous helping of grace and plenty of prayer.  we love you and we take you and our new role very seriously.  such a prodigious, substantial, considerable [and all words BIG] responsibility swaddled into such a tiny package.  you are a precious gift from our Heavenly Father that we will preserve, cherish, love, cultivate, and polish.  for His glory and for our good.

love, your mama + your papa