dear peanut

::  our baby faces  ::

hello there, little peanut.  your parents are pretty excited to meet you.  we keep staring at your sonogram.  that little nose.  your ears.  the eyelashes.  your tiny fingers all curled up next to your mouth.  the hair.  it is kind of our new favorite thing.  a parental pacifier to keep us from jumping out of our skin from excitement.  you will be here so soon!  my goodness.  we can't wait to meet you and see that precious face.  will you have your papa's nose?  will you have my hair?  i hope you don't mind if we just sit and stare at you for a while once you arrive.  because the real thing will be so much better than the sonogram...

just so you know, i have scheduled out all of my doctor appointments from now until the due date.  woah.  on the calendar.  the doctor was happy with us this week and said that everything was progressing beautifully.  your heartbeat is strong.  my blood pressure is good.  you are growing at a consistent rate.  and the belly size is small but solid.  all good.  just waiting for the right time.

love, your mama + your papa



with regard to the aforementioned "right time" remark:  your entire family respectfully requests that you, while chatting with God, mention the following arrival tips and suggestions.  you know, in case He asks your opinion on the matter...your family has some ideas and opinions [ahem, always] to help you along.

  • please, do not arrive earlier than sunday, october 21.
  • saturday, october 27 - tuesday, october 30 are nice dates.
  • please, no halloween birthday.  the ongoing birthday party expectations are frankly, overwhelming for everyone.
  • if not before wednesday, october 31, please refrain from a thursday, november 1 or friday, november 2 arrival.
  • saturday, november 3 - monday, november 5 are good days too.  try to steer clear of election day.  too much political pressure that day.  it is best to stay put and swim around for a bit longer in a blissful state of unawareness.
  • PLEASE do not loiter in the uterus for longer than one week past your due date.  i know it seems nice in there, but we've got some soft, warm, and cozy things waiting for you on the outside.
  • if you must delay, please do not come on saturday, november 10.  that is coco's birthday.  the poor thing already has enough personality disorders and neuroses, we don't want to send her off the deep end by making her share a birthday with the "favored, non-furry" baby of the family.  who knows which of your stuffed animals she might rip to shreds in a psychotic break... let us just keep the familial peace and sidestep the issue altogether.

with respect and love,

[and in the knowledge that it is God who numbers our days]

[and with an understanding that the same God who knows the number of grains of sand considers our requests]

your nerdy, scheduled, active, and kooky family. 

don't roll your eyes, little miss, i'm sure you've got some of these genes going on...