dear peanut

hello, little miss.  would you check out that funny little moose?  it is the newest addition to your room and should be arriving any day now.  consider it a swanky and hipster nod to my canadian roots.  a gold glitter encrusted moose!  we have named her matilda.  and she will be watching over you from the polka dot wall.  don't worry, we will make sure to have plenty of practical items in your room too.  things like diapers and onesies and wipes.

we are getting pretty excited for your arrival.  and you seem to be getting excited too, as evidenced by your kicks.  serious jabs, little lady.  and i have been getting some in the ribs too.  that is pretty unpleasant, i must say.  but, i do like that you are getting bigger and stronger.  keep it up.  we have another doctor appointment this week and i am hoping that we can get another ultrasound scheduled so that i can see your little face once again.  hopefully there will be some chub and round little cheeks this time.  i must say that we can't wait to see all of that in person - very, very soon.

all our love to you, little peanut.

love, your mama + your papa