you're my little chu-chi face [and other sappy comments]

i have a wonderful husband.  stop.

first off, look at that face.  the cutest, i know.

but even more than that, he takes such good care of us.  not only does he tend to our furry babies day in and day out, he also manages to tidy up the kitchen before i get home each day.  and, he still finds time to cook dinner for me on occasion.  he cold brews coffee for me [a preggo addiction].  he carries heavy objects for me.  he vacuums the house and makes sure that there are perfect lines.  he refills my water glass.  he reads my birthing books.  he watches chick flicks with me.  he does late night grocery store runs for the odds and ends that i have forgotten.

he asks me about my day.  he reads devotions to us morning and night.  he sends me sweet texts.  he emails me interesting articles or websites.  he gives me hugs.  he puts up with the newest addition to our sleeping arrangement - an extra pillow for belly and hip propping.  he assembles furniture.  he hangs drapes.  he gets excited about all the doodads for the nursery.  he reads and plays music for miss elinor.

he makes me feel always loved.  always special.  always appreciated.

God has really blessed me with that sweet hubby of mine.  and i am so excited to embark upon this new adventure as we enter the next season of life together.  you and me, mister...raising our little blessing together.

{squeeze squeeze squeeze}