dear peanut

hi baby girl.  would you look at that cute little corner of your room?!  we are going to spend so many hours there.  your papa lovingly placed that rocking chair in the corner for you.  it is a pretty special place.  this week, we are adding nesting tables [tout à fait approprié, oui?] and a sparkling little chandelier lamp.  that should make the nook complete.  and then...we wait for your arrival.  have i mentioned that we can't wait?

let me tell you, little one, you are growing.  a lot.  my little bump is becoming a full-on preggo belly.  and my belly button is so itchy! i know that things must be getting cramped for you in there.  according to all the pregnancy resources, you are 16 inches long.  that is a lot of length to squish inside my belly.  at least you are bendy.  i hope that you are comfortable all balled up in there.  but, don't get too comfy.  we have a nice place all ready for you.  with plenty of space for stretching, soft outfits for cuddling, and blankets for swaddling.  i think you will prefer it on the outside.  no rush - keep growing and getting healthy.  but, promptness is appreciated.  and, a bit early is on time.  no need to linger for too long.

oh!  we have another doctor appointment this week.  this one will trigger the "final countdown" schedule.  every two weeks from here on out.  and, we might just throw in one more ultrasound for good measure.  just to check in and see how much chub you have put on since we last saw you.  it will be fun to see you again.  and even better when we get to meet you in a couple months.

all our love to you, little peanut.

love, your mama + your papa