made in the shade

aren't these just fabulous?

i love cool lamps but they can be just so darn expensive!  and even if you do pay the price, they lack a certain "special" quality.  that unique twist that makes them fit perfectly into the decor.

and so, i have decided follow in the footsteps of those brilliant folks at design*sponge and try my hand at creating a personalized lampshade or two.

there is never a shortage of fabulous prints at the fabric store so perhaps i will pop over there with my mom one afternoon and snag some interesting pieces.  that plus a good ol' vintage etsy find and i should be in good shape for raw materials.  from there, i am hoping that i can just follow the step-by-step and then, voila!  a gorgeous and one-of-a-kind lamp for miss elinor's room.

wish me luck!


what fun diy projects are you tackling these days?