25 weeks

cravings & such:  not much here.  gosh, i am boring.  pretty much the usual suspects... crisp salad, plenty of cheese, and meat.  i have enjoyed a caramel apple or two but i think that is more vacation related than baby related.  i know.  yawn.

the bump:  definitely growing.  i feel like i wake up to a bigger belly every morning.  baby is in the "packing on the pounds" phase.  she has about 6 to 7 more pounds to gain.  [oh. my. goodness.]  come on collagen!  stretch, stretch, stretch.

cool & cute things:  head to heels, baby girl measures about 13.5 inches and weighs in at about 1.5 pounds.  she is also beginning to exchange some of that long and lean look for baby fat.  so cute!

new things:  baby is growing more hair.  if i could peek inside the belly, i would be able to see the color and texture.  what do you think?  brunette or blondie?

meaningful moments:  all of the tumbling and kicking.  i can feel her all the time now with big bursts of movement after breakfast, around 3 in the afternoon, and before bedtime.

the countdown:  105 days to go!

current size: weight of a rutabaga