why does that feel like such a giant number?  27 felt pretty good.  how come 28 feels so much bigger?  hmmm...

not that i have a problem with 28.  this is shaping up to be a great year.  i have been blessed beyond measure and feel like a could just burst!  God is so good.

He has given me life.  He has given me spiritual life through the gift of His Son.  He has given me His Word as a lamp unto my feet and light unto my path.  He has given me His Spirit to watch and guide.  He has given me  incredible parents who seek Him and have lived obediently.  they love God and they love each other.  they raised me and taught me and disciplined me and prayed for me.  and now, i have the amazing privilege to watch them as they become grandparents and pour out love on our little one.  [she is pretty blessed]  He has given me a sister to grow up with, be challenged by, to learn from, and to share life's little milestones with.  He has given me friends.  people who sharpen me and encourage me and experience life with me.  He has given me a church family who supports and protects and loves.  a family that i can worship and serve and fellowship with.  He has given me a loving husband as a lifemate.  a man who has loved me through all the ugly and who rejoices with me through the good.  someone who images Christ's love.  someone who i cherish.  He has given me health and vitality.  He has allowed me to enjoy His goodness and pleasures on this earth.  He has given me vocation and work that i may produce and yield fruit.  He has given me a home and haven.  He has given me the honor of carrying and stewarding the life of another.  He has allowed me to become a mother.

not too shabby for ol' 28.