a double date send off

well.  my mom is at it again.  she is heading up north to spend some time with grandma in o canada.  she will be gone for six whole weeks!  so, we figured that a farewell dinner was in order.  that, plus, we still had some combo birthday celebrating [seen here and here] to do from back at the end of may.  this double-date-night-dinner was long overdue.

the four of us hopped in the car and popped over to beckett's table for some up-scale, homecookery at its finest.  this place has a relaxed and homey atmosphere.  a fabulous gathering spot for friends and family.  love the decor and the love the food even more.

the non-preggos sipped some wine and we noshed on skillets of appetizers before digging in for the main event.  oh yes, and we topped it off with some of the most amazing pie i have ever eaten.  to be clear, nothing beats my mom's apple pie.  but this, this definitely takes second.

smooches on the car ride over + beckett's table + ahhh, that menu... + the cute little suess-esque plant on our table + cold water served in old-fashioned bottles [even if it were just tab water, it would taste better being poured from that cute little thing] + my man.  seriously surveying the menu options + my fabulously fashionable and perfectly polished mom.  isn't that bright yellow the best? + FOOD...my short ribs.  mom's shrimp and sausage.  ben's green chile pork stew.  ALL so amazing + that pie i mentioned before.  fig and pecan pie, folks! with fresh cream cheese citrus zest ice cream.  oh my + using clothespins for marketing.  genius


toodle-oo mom!  have fun up north...you will be missed. 

and i will have a butternut squash sized little one happening inside my belly by the time you return!