dear peanut

hello again, little girl.  thanks for all of the somersaults and kicks and stretches.  it is so much fun to really be able to notice your movements.  it seems like you are having a good time in there.  we are praying that you continue to grow and stay healthy and develop into a sweet little peanut that we get to enjoy very soon.  your whole family is excited to welcome you to the outside world.  your papa and i have been talking to you and reading about you and playing music for you.  and everyone is praying for you.

i'm sure you've noticed, but your aunt breebles is engaged.  she is getting married in april and you will get to be there!  they have made an exception from their "no kids at the wedding" rule, just for you.  it is staggering to think that you will be here for the wedding AND that you will be five months old.  we will be a family of three.  we will have a five month old.  unreal.  it is going to be so much fun to watch you grow and change.  what fun it will be to watch you as you watch life unfold.  your first thanksgiving.  your first christmas.  your first smile.  your first birthday.  your first steps.  your first words.  your first tooth.  your first prayer.  there is a whole life-full of firsts to experience together.  we are pretty excited about all of it.  we pray that God will continue His mighty work of knitting you together.  and we pray that He will continue to mold you and hold you as you enter the world and navigate this life.  may you love Him fiercely and be His.

all our love to you, little peanut.

love, your mama + your papa