snaps & snippets & blurbs

this was a very nice weekend.  we have been so busy-busy that a couple days of down time sure felt good.  hubby and i did a lot of relaxing, movie-watching, and snacking.  we did have a laundry and ironing party on sunday evening so we weren't complete bumps on a log.  here's to a fresh week!

just me and my man + a double date night with my parents at mellow mushroom + so cool inside + we were seated in the psychedelic room + a perfect salad + an amazing pizza to share + our weekend couch companions.  some of the cutest little faces around + my beverage of choice: sparkling water with crushed ice and lots of lime + popcorn! + movie time.  an oldie but goodie.  you can't go wrong with frank sinatra, bing crosby, grace kelly, and louis armstrong + consuming LOTS of cheese this weekend...cheese plate with fig and olive rainforest crisps with a side of marinated mozzarella + this fabulously sassy little face...coco is such a glamour-puss.