22 weeks

cravings & such:  still loving meat and dairy over here.  the carb-love phase has gone away and been replaced by an obsession with cheese.  hubby has no complaints.

the bump:  growing!  it is kind of fun playing a wardrobe version of hide-and-seek with the bump.  i can strategically camouflage the belly with certain articles of clothing and really make it pop with others.  preggo lady entertainment at its finest.

cool & cute things:  feeling way more movement these days.  AND, ben is beginning to join in the fun!  plus, baby girl is starting to look more like a miniature newborn.  her lips, eyelids, and eyebrows are becoming more distinct and tiny tooth buds are even developing beneath the gums.  baby girl's eyes have formed but the irises still lack pigment.  she is 11 inches long and weighs almost 1 pound!  speaking of weight gain...i have heard rumors that from 20 weeks on, i should expect to gain about a pound a week?!  seriously?  yikes.

new things:  the baby is covered in fine hair [lanugo] and has developed skin wrinkles that will be filled in by fat in the coming months.  baby chub, people!  so cute.  and, the pancreas is developing steadily. 

meaningful moments:  having my first "belly touches" by people.  fortunately, they are people i love.  i must admit that i am dreading the "belly caresses from strangers" portion of the pregnancy... i've heard that personal space and boundary violations abound as the belly grows.  hmmm...

the countdown:  126 days to go!

current size: length of a spaghetti squash