snaps & snippets & blurbs

my man and i spent last weekend in california for a wedding!  first off, the 72 degree weather made it pretty tough to return to the desert... and secondly, i really like weddings.  they are fun to plan, fun to participate in, and fun to attend.  and they always make us harken back to our special day, six years ago.  what a great reminder of the great blessing and meaning of marriage.  weddings are always such an  encouragement to us.  hubby and i had a fun weekend together and cherished the opportunity to let God refresh our committment and joy.
roadtrip fun + enjoying some of our rebel motorcycle club, bob dylan, them crooked vultures, gungor, and dave matthews + pasadena sunshine and 72 degrees + enjoying some coffee while sitting outdoors under an umbrella + the cute little pups that were hanging out nearby + off to try on a tux! + looking very bond, james bond + the rehearsal at the church + old architecture in old town pasadena + the big day! + my man in his tux with pink accents.  he worked it + wearing my fancy manolo blahnik shoes + waiting for the ceremony to start + enjoying the dance party happening inside the belly [she was ready to get to the reception...] + the lovely flower arrangements + arriving at the reception site, castle green historic manor + the surroundings and decor...quite disneyland's haunted mansion, if you ask me.  i think this venue must have been the inspiration.  it was very old school cool. + the beautiful tablescapes