dear peanut

you and me.  all dressed up.

it is fun getting to know you better every day.  i am trying to pay more attention to your schedule, mood swings, and preferred activities.  so far, you like to stretch in the morning.  you like when i eat.  you have a little burst of energy in the afternoon.  you like when i play the piano [pretty sure you are the only one, little girl.  i just started tickling the ivories about a week ago].  and you like to have a little dance party before bedtime.

last weekend, we took a road trip to california to attend a wedding.  we stopped a few extra times on the way for a bathroom break since you seem to think my bladder is either a trampoline, mattress, or squeeze toy.  your papa was very accommodating.  it was a pretty fun weekend because you started moving in more noticeable ways.  your papa even felt your little movement once!  we are looking forward to much more of that...

i will say that you were quite active while we sat in church waiting for the ceremony to begin.  i snapped that little picture while you were making a big fuss inside my belly.  i can only guess that you, a) were super-duper excited about the wedding, b) were very impatient as the ceremony was delayed by about 45 minutes, or c) were giddy about the fact that we were all dressed up and wearing fancy shoes.  really, any of the above means that's my girl!

things are moving along quite well.  i am trying to stay hydrated and cool [thanks for all these 110 + degree days, AZ].  and your papa and i continue to learn more about you as we read and continue to prepare for your arrival with lots of prayer.  oh!  and your grandma ridley has AMAZINGLY completed the front of your quilt!  i hope you get her dedication and determination... it is so lovely and we are pretty excited to display it in your room.

keep up the good growth, little girl.  and try to throw in a few more kicks for your papa...

all our love to you, little peanut.

love, your mama + your papa