boys weekend

last weekend, my man took a trip to california to celebrate the upcoming nuptials of his buddy.  let me just say, this was anything BUT your typical bachelor weekend.  we aren't exactly talking the hangover, part 3.  [which is just fine by me]

while they took a more unconventional approach to a bachelor weekend, they sure did it up right in san diego.  yummy food and a couple of beers, outdoor time to enjoy the nice weather, manly museum wandering, pool time, a guy movie, and even a trip to balboa park and the botanical garden.  i gotta say, i was kind of jealous.  here is a pictorial overview of the boys weekend.  enjoy!

the midway museum

steel and brawn and testosterone.  with a slight hint of dorkiness...

the food

oj + green eggs and ham at searsucker + giant skillets at hash house a go go [not pictured] + the gaslamp strip club...don't worry, it is a steak joint.  way to have an ironic bachelor party dinner, guys + boys having a beer.  cheers!  + a giant calzone at sloppy joey's + buffalo chicken fries from barley mash [yup, that picture made me drool with jealousy]

some cool architecture shots

lots and lots of flowers

...i mean, botanicals [more manly]