dear peanut

girl.  you are a little girl.  we are having a daughter.  wow.

little one, we are pretty excited.  we have been praying that God would give us just what we need and just who He wants us to have.  as it turns out, He ordained that we would have a daughter.  we are overjoyed.  your papa and i had a tiny feeling that you were a girl.  not sure why.  but to us, it felt natural that we would have a girl.  when the ultrasound technician asked if we were surprised...we weren't.  we were just happy.  it just felt right.  we are blissfully content right now.  just letting it all settle in.  we are having a girl.  we are having a girl.

you are healthy.  all the toes and fingers.  all the organs formed and in the right place.  developing on schedule.  about 9 ounces right now and getting bigger every day!  you have the cutest little belly and you look so sweet all curled up...very peanut-like.  and, you are also very active.  i'm sure you are planning all kinds of acrobatics and fun for me in the coming months...

your name is all picked out.  we were having some trouble with boy names and had a rotating list of about ten names.  i guess we can set that aside now, but we will save the list in case a baby brother is in your future... we have shared the name with family and friends so they can pray for you by name.  we keep praying that God will continue to prepare us and mold us into Godly parents.  and we are so eager to meet you and see you.  what will you look like?  what color will your eyes be?  will you have a full head of hair?  blonde or brunette?

what a fun time!  let the planning and shopping begin!  everyone has fun ideas and we are all ready to jump in and start decorating and getting little girl things prepared for your arrival.  you have so many people who love you already and can't wait to celebrate your arrival.  you must sense our excitement because you seem to be progressing a few days ahead of your scheduled due date.  the last two ultrasounds have put your due date on october 31st.  while i am not thrilled with the idea of a halloween baby, i love that we might get to meet you early.

stay healthy.  keep growing.  i will try to keep up...

all our love to you, little peanut.

love, your mama + your papa