snaps & snippets & blurbs

what a great weekend.  my week was so busy with my tasks and projects [culminating in a big work event that went really well and that is now officially behind me] that a relaxing weekend with my man was especially needed.  after the dust had settled from the event, i took a deep breath, met up with my hubby, and kicked off our weekend with some yummy food at bourbon steak.  from there, it was more or less just taking naps, watching movies, catching up on my home-duties, and recovering...nothing too snap-worthy, but it was perfect in my book.  here are a few pics from our evening at bourbon steak.

the swanky entrance + the cool decor + hubby, leading the way + i love the laid-back, modern vibe + so ready to relax with a big burger! + our beverages of choice...a beer for him and sparkling water for me + a little starter...short rib slider with slaw and horseradish dipping sauce + the quintessential burger

now you see them... you don't