16 weeks

cravings & such:  last week was pretty great because i was able to consume lots of salad and berries, which are currently my favorites.  yum.  and i continue to love all things spicy. plus, i got to eat a burger and fries yesterday so i am a happy girl.  no complaints here!

the bump:  it has made an appearance.  i think last week's apple size really put things over the top.  i have been trying to show it off to ben and he agrees that there is something happening there.  so exciting!  pictures to come...

cool & cute things:  baby is growing.  big time.  in the next few weeks, s/he will double in weight and add inches in length.  looks like maternity wear is in the near future for this mama-to-be.  the baby is about 4.5 inches long and weighs in at 3.5 ounces.  baby's legs are much more developed and the head is much more erect.  baby's ears and eyes are close to their final position and the patterning of the scalp has begun.

new things:  a can feel little flutters of movement!  it is very cool.  baby has started growing toenails.  and the heart is pumping 25 quarts of blood each day!

meaningful moments:  doing some fun baby store browsing with my hubby.  we wandered and joked and laughed and ooh-ed and aah-ed.  it was so much fun to think about all the cute things in store for our little one.  baby stuff is just so tiny!  i love it.

the countdown:  168 days to go!

current size: an avocado