snaps & snippets & blurbs

okay, did anyone else think that this weekend went by much too fast?  we were having such a fun time but then poof!  it was sunday night.  not cool, weekend, not cool.  [sigh]  in spite of the seemingly short duration, we did manage to have ourselves a grand old time.  and now, we are easing ourselves into a new week.

heading out for a fun-filled saturday + lunch at jersey mike's...mmm...subs + looking stylish in our 3d glasses on a double-date with my parents [and yes, we saw titanic 3d] + wok quinoa with crispy shrimp + a breakfast of delicious eggs, melted cheese, and spicy salsa infused corn chip sprinkle + the buddies enjoying a lounge-y afternoon on a cool day.  they love to curl up on our laps, burrow into the blankets, and nuzzle + keeping one eye on mr. charles who likes to perch on the arm of our couch and pounce on us when we least expect it...he LOVES attention


happy monday!