i am a pack my lunch and eat at my desk kinda gal.  i tend to pack many mini-meals so that i can munch every three hours.  so although i think a one hour lunch is built into my day [i don't really know, we are pretty loosey-goosey around my office] i never really take advantage of it [i suppose that means i am working too much? hmmm...].  but every so often, i book a little lunch date with a friend or family member.  these are such treats for me!  and, when the "non-lunch-out" gal does venture out mid-day, everyone i work with tells me "take as long as you'd have yourself some fun...enjoy yourself...take your time!"  this means that my rare lunch outings are much more laid-back and enjoyable than the average workweek lunch.  i can pick a good restaurant.  i don't have to grab a table and rush the order.  i can sit and gab long after the plates have been cleared.  this, my friends, is how lunch should be. i was recently able to once again enjoy one of these nice little lunches with my pal hallie [seen here and here].  we met up at pei wei and shared two plates of noodle-y and mongolian goodness while discussing life and all that jazz.  such a fun time.