snaps & snippets & blurbs

what a leisurely, long, lovely, celebratory weekend!  hubby and i had friday off so we were able to lay low and spend some quiet time relaxing and reflecting.  then, we were busy little bees on saturday preparing for resurrection sunday festivities.  as usual, there was plenty of good food.  and we enjoyed a great weekend with family.  by the parents finally came home from canada!  they arrived a bit too late to celebrate in true easter style but we have plans to get together and catch up on all things life.  it is going to be a good week.


an afternoon stop at jimmy john's + two yummy subs for two very happy people + then, we popped next door to the sweet tooth fairy + all the baked goods that you dream of + cupcakes galore! + my nanaimo bar [a canadian classic from my childhood...look it up, people] + THE BEST SUGAR COOKIE IN EXISTENCE + a bowl of cheez-its [modern day manna, as my father-in-law likes to call them] for our movietime snack + charlie rocking some fuzzy baby bird hair while napping on my lap + some musical practice for next week's church service...the perfect background music while easter dinner is being prepared + amy sending out pictures of the dynamic music duo to all the family who couldn't be there to enjoy it in person + mark's traditional easter shirt.  love it + dinner: ham, baked mac and cheese, and horseradish and honey carrots.  yum + our festive dessert: gluten-free hummingbird cupcakes, festively dressed for the occasion.  they were very tasty.  we had to welcome back sugar in style!