an impromptu date night

sometimes, you just need to toss out your plans and go out on a date.  ben and i are pretty organized and scheduled people.  we create a detailed, weekly meal list with everything from breakfast to dinner and purchase our weekly grocery needs accordingly.  everything has a time and place.  however, after a busy and stressful day at the office...sometimes a night out is called for.  yesterday, hubby and i experienced our respective versions of a crazy day at the office.  so, when i placed my "i'm on the way" phone call, it soon became clear that we were mentally spent and in need of some diversion and fun together.  the decision was made.  scrap the dinner at home, put those ingredients back in the fridge, and head out for a date night!

it was perfect.  we shared a pizza and salad.  we dined al fresco.  we downloaded about our days.  we decompressed.  we talked and talked.  we laughed together.  isn't it so good to go on a simple little surprise date with your best friend?  i feel so blessed.


oh yeah!  and on our way home...we drove by a carnival in full tilt!  so delightful and cheery.  what a happy little sight to behold.