snaps & snippets & blurbs

welcome to a new week!  hubby and i feel quite fat and happy from our weekend food-a-palooza.  it kicked off on friday night with a pizza date night.  followed by some homemade queso. and topped off with a big pot of steak and guinness stew in honor of st. paddy's day.  it was amazing.  plus, we even splurged and grabbed some frozen yogurt together. [don't worry, it didn't have sugar...lent is still happening, people] alas, the weekend has come to an end and it is back to our regular menu of eggs and nuts and lean proteins and fruits and veggies.  actually, i am pretty relieved to get back to our normal eats.  our weeks are filled with some pretty good and healthy grub.  and we've got some good stuff on this week's menu.  splurging is fun but man cannot live by cheese-y foods alone. [my hubby vehemently opposes this statement]  until next year, guinness stew.

this is my ready for the weekend face + dinner date night at humble pie + pizza and a chopped salad [the best salad ever!] + coco lounging on papa + my coffee yogurt...that hit the spot + coco knows how to get attention while we are watching movies...perch in front of the television + queso!!! + steak and guinness stew, bubbling away in the big blue le creuset + topped with plenty of seaside foam cheddar + coco passed out and draped across the big fur'd think that she had just consumed a bowl of stew... + a lovely snap of our cold snap.  we had a very cold and rainy weather this weekend...perfect for comfort food and hibernating + we love driving in the rain