the saturday evening post

this is actually a fairly accurate portrayal of the scene when ben and i arrive home with shopping sacks in tow.  those furry babies of ours always think we are bringing home the goods for them.  silly buddies.

this weekend, we got a lot of good stuff at the store.  today, i am busy preparing a hearty and festive steak and guinness stew in honor of st. paddy's day.  it is going to be decadent.  and, there will plenty of leftovers so we can let the rich, cheesy, meaty goodness spill into next week!  yum.

lent update:  all i want right now is a big ice cream cone, preferably from jeni's.  they just released a hummingbird cake flavor that is drool-worthy.  hang in there rachel.  are any of you giving up something for lent?  how is it going?

okay, on a non-sugar-deprivation note...i hope you all have some fun plans for the day.  hubby and i have been spending time with our families who are finally back in town from their travels.  and since the weather is going to turn cold tomorrow [come on, spring!  what's happening?] hubby and i will have to get a rain check on our outdoor sunshine by the pool plans in favor of a cozy day indoors with an old movie and some comfort food.  maybe even a big bowl of popcorn.