all these victims stand in line for crumbs that fall from the table, just enough to get by.  all the while Your invitation...wake on up from your slumber, open up your eyes.

leave it to needtobreathe to get me thinking...

how often do i act like a beggar?  accepting the crumbs of this world.  barely scraping by on meager scraps.  when my Lord has invited me to pull up a seat to His banquet table where He has prepared a feast for me to savor.  why do i settle for insipid morsels when He has offered His bounteous goodness?  i need to open my eyes to His splendor and generosity.  He has invited me to enjoy Him.  why, then do i choose to get by on the fodder that this world tosses to me?  food that is empty.  food that does not sustain.  food that lacks taste.  food that destroys.  why do i accept the blasé menu of this life when my Creator has made me with a palate for the heavenly?  anything less than His manna should be unpalatable.  i am not to fill up on the waste of this world when He has provided me with cuisine of the divine.  i am to be a Christian hedonist.  He has set a table before is time to grab a fork and dig in.