all you need is love

we had a lovely evening.  here is the proof...

an adorable little vignette of valentines-y items + our traditional valentines napkins +rosé bubbly + mr. sinatra...the perfect mood music + a thoughtful and practical gift from hubby...a tea squeezer (!) for my evening cup of tea +  hubby bought me new non-stick pans for omelettes and such.  just what i needed and wanted.  now that's my kind of romance...we are officially an old married couple and i couldn't be more pleased about it + pride and prejudice + sharing some ben & jerry's + smooches & squeezes.  i love him + the glittery and fabulous card from hubby.  he knows all the things that make me smile!

it was a low-key and perfect evening.  just a few more days until our night out on the town, valentines date night.  hurray for love!