snaps & snippets & blurbs

some recent snaps that i enjoy.

enjoying some delicious dinner with my mom and dad at pita jungle + taking the fun back to our house so that the buddies can join in...they like having more laps to choose from + kissy faces & gopher faces + vibrant colors at the market...apples and citrus and seafood + the buddies, just lounging + a great breakfast to kickoff the weekend...eggs with cheese; hatch chiles; and roasted tomatillo, flax, and corn crumble...spicy, cheesy goodness + mr. charles, a closeup + hubby and i heading out for an afternoon movie + the delightful colors of pollen puffs [man, those wretched little buggers agitate my allergies...but it makes for a great snap] + desert sunshine + hip decor from our sushi date night at stingray + my handsome man + mmm...plate o' tuna and salmon and shrimp + some yogurt to top it off + happy sunday!  His mercies are new every morning + eggs before church + nachos! + some lazy, tousled hair + couch fashion...sporting coco like a stole