run in the night

hubby and i like to enjoy a nice little evening run from time to time.  [okay, by little i actually mean 5 miles.  and by time to time i actually mean 5 times a week]  it is our time to get those endorphins flowing and "get a good sweat up" as my father-in-law loves to say.  despite the fact that we are running, i actually rather enjoy these times.  there is something invigorating about heading outdoors at night, when the air is cool and just running.  so unfettered.  so alive.

every time we lace up, i think about that jars of clay song...

i know who i am.  once i was nameless, alone and You found me.  You formed my knees to bend. You called me beloved, i am perfection.  all my failures won't condemn me or leave me paralyzed and bound.  and when i'm at my worst Your love, it finds me first.  by You i can run in the night.  for by You i can run in the night.

 so freeing.  wow.  i need to sing this to myself over and over and over.  i know who i am.  what confidence and power i have in Christ!  i am His beloved.  He has set me free.  i am not enslaved to sin.  i am not paralyzed.  i cannot only walk, but run.  i cannot only run in the light of day, but at night.  i know who i am.  i am inscribed on the palm of His hand.  i belong to Him.  He has sovereignly ordained my steps.  He searches out my path and my lying down and is acquainted with all my ways.   i can run with assurance for He goes before me and encamps about me.  for by You i can run in the night.  freeing, indeed.