good morning!

part of the reason that we like to take it easy in the evenings and get to bed at a decent hour [yup, we are delightully lame] is because we are early risers. [in the winter, we beat the sun to rising!]  hubby has to walk out the door no later than 5:50am.  he works when the market works. which means, we get to enjoy time together in the wee small hours of the morning, when the whole wide world is fast asleep.  showers, shaving, getting dressed, breakfast, feeding the buddies, lunch-making, and morning devotions. [well, to be fair, i get to skip the first few activities on that list...i sleep until it is time to go downstairs.  and, i also don't feed the buddies and take them outside...hubby does all that while i prepare breakfast.  have i mentioned how great he is?]

who knew i could early mornings so much?  morning time is a great time.

look how dapper he is!  ready to take on the titans of the financial world [and many other things that i cannot hope to understand]