a simple little evening at home

hubby and i like being at home.  don't get me wrong, we thoroughly enjoy our date nights and events with friends and family.  but, there is something so simple and reassuring about being home.  the familiar sights and sounds.  the time spent with just us.  the easy bliss of it all. and while weekends are oh-so-fun, there is a certain significance to the weeknights that we get to spend at home.  i enjoy my drive home from the office.  unwinding while listening to music or chatting with hubby and recounting all the events of the day.  the glowing hues of the sun setting as i navigate my way home.  the calm that i experience as i make the final turn onto our street.  the glee of seeing my furry babies as the greet me at the door with their waggily tails and abundant kisses...followed by a big hug from my hubby.  the sigh of contentment in knowing that this place is our own little corner of the world.

home is particularly sublime during the cooler months of the year.  i love the warmth of candles.  big furry blankets.  warm socks.  and couch cuddling.  [i savor these nights because the chill lasts for but a moment before the desert shifts back to constant heat]  i especially love when we get to spend our winter evenings kicking back with some comfort food, watching funny movies or old tv shows, laughing, and talking, and chitchatting about all of life's little particulars.  and that, is exactly what we did last night.


a big bowl of pasta with my dad-in-law's homemade pancetta sauce  +  richart chocolates for dessert