streams in the desert

streams in the desert is one of my favorite morning reading resources. replete with wisdom. and so often, life can feel like a desert. harsh. challenging. unrelenting. extreme. wild. beautiful. and yes, prickly at times. we need a drink at the stream. cool. refreshing. everflowing. come thou fount of every blessing.

if you are in need of a drink. or heck, a swim. this post’s for you.

the glory of tomorrow is rooted in the drudgery of today.
much of the world’s beauty is due to clouds.
the adult coral invertibrates (polyps) work underwater constrructing coral reefs. they do so never even imagining they are building the foundation of a new island. without the work of the underwater polyps, the coral reefs would never be built.

can i get a witness? drudgery. ooph. how about those days of drudgery? the days i despise the most. sure, i can put on a happy face. i can fake it ‘til i make it. i can look for the magic in the mundane. but what about those days that are just slog. tiresome. bothersome. cumbersome. there are days where no amount of positive thinking will pull you out of it. no affirmations or mantras or bootstrap-pulling-upping will fix it. the only prayer is the prayer of release. consent. the crying out. the knowing that your work is seen by the creator and sustainer of it all. that it has meaning and value because everything is sacred.

the tough stuff and pressure of today is the diamonds of tomorrow.

the clouds of today will cast meaningful shadows. will bring forth rain. will result in rainbows.

the drowning and sinking feelings and laboring in the depths is actually building something magnificent. something worthy. something lasting. eternal.