miscellaneous monday musings

happy monday, folks!

if you knew me back in high school, you would know that i am a collector of quotes. before phones and laptops were ubiquitous, i used to jot them down in my school dayplanner, as i came across them. from books to movies to lyrics to funny friends. i collected them all. for inspiration, motivation, encouragement, and to challenge my constructs. to kick off this new week, i wanted to share a few quotes that i have in the notes section of my phone. for the same purpose: inspiration, motivation, encouragement, and to challenge constructs. to expand horizons. dig deeper. soften the heart. feel the feels.

consider this your invitation to be drawn into the deep and raw and real and nuanced. so much of the time we are surrounded by buzz. by gloss. by hype. it can be easy to just slide down the surface of things… instead, take some time to ponder. to steep. to dance with it. contemplate. meditate. question. poke and nudge. stretch. push and pull.

just some monday morning mental calisthenics, if you will.

until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.
— carl jung
influence happens when we realize our life counts, rather than spending our life counting.
the fastest way to kill something special is to compare it to something else.
native americans have the tradition of leaving a blemish in one corner of a weaving because they believe that’s where the spirit enters.
our faith is not a way out of this world, but a way to be in this world.
— rabbinic wisdom