today, i wanted to ponder (and share) a bit about the transcendental properties of being:




thinking based on truth.

doing governed by goodness.

feeling responsive to beauty.

there is a foundation in being for the order, or sequence, of these three. truth is defined by being, for truth is the effulgence of being, the revelation of being, the word of being. truth is not defined by consciousness, which conforms to being in knowing it. goodness is defined by truth, not by will, which is good only when it conforms to the truth of being. and beauty is defined by goodness, objectively real goodness, not by subjective desire or pleasure or feeling or imagination, all of which should conform to it. truth is good and beautiful; goodness is true and beautiful; beauty is true and good. but there is an ontological order: it flows from being to truth, truth to goodness, and goodness to beauty. 

truth, goodness, and beauty are patches of Godlight here in shadowlands. their home is yonder. the form they will take there will dazzle us forever, for they are what God is made of.