happy 2018!

you guuuuuuuuys...happy 2018! so much has happened since my last post that i won't even attempt to catch up. let's start fresh, shall we? 

we enjoyed a lovely holiday season. so much to celebrate! and we were intentional about carving out more family moments, quiet moments, meaningful moments. being still. being togther. unplugging from the distractions and din to plug into what matters most. maybe that has been a theme for our 2017. we have been finding such joy in the simple, mundane moments. truly, there is magic there.

as we move into a fresh year, i maintain my focus on being resolved. not so much, making resolutions.


i suppose you could call that my guiding "resolution" for this year. my polestar. all the other lesser resolutions and goals and projects and endeavors will spring from this.

i want to live with all my might. be bold. laugh loudly. shine brightly. feel deeply. give generously. i will not allow myself to become lackluster or dull or listless. i want to pursue my passions and chase my dreams. i want to be fearless. to take risks. i want to be present. i want to savor. more leisurely meals. more date nights. more dance parties. more play. more art. more donuts. more adventures. i want to seek out ways to give liberally and show charity. i want to build up. to inspire. i want to create. i want to learn. to grow. to expand. to be filled with christ and pour out to others. i want to go deeper. i want to be authentic. to be vulnerable. i want to come alongside. my focus this year is QUALITY. quality time. quality pursuits. quality people. quality food. quality activities. quality things. 

i want to love better. my savior. my husband. my children. my family. my friends. my neighbors. i want to enjoy the pleasures of this life and store up treasures for the life hereafter. i want to point people to christ. soli Deo gloria.

faithful. dedicated. persevering. endeavoring. bold. caring. careful. gracious. prudent.

as for this space...i am still navigating how i want to create content and contribute. there are moments and things worth sharing. always. some are better shared through a simple image. some topics require a deeper dive, an exposition of sorts. i would like to come back to the written word. i would also like to explore podcasting. we'll see. the bottom line is that i am going to settle into a new rhythm for this space. i want to be consistent. it is good for me and i hope, enjoyable for you. i am not sure what that looks like. it is a process, for sure. but i am excited to learn new things and share in new ways. thank you for reading. thank you for encouraging me.

come winds of change, sweep delicately yet meaningfully into my heart. brush away the stale and pale with your refreshing breeze. leave your crisp air of newness. prepare the place for new seeds and growth, that my life may be beautifully fertile and bountiful in the coming season.

coram deo

ponder, le quotidiencurator