cease striving

C E A S E S T R I V I N G and know that I AM GOD / psalm 46:10

this was the verse that i meditated on during my morning miles on labor day. #milesandmeditation #àlacourse

i don't know about you, but this is tough for me. i am a striver. i push and do and work and plan and ideate and create and hustle. and while it is advised and honorable to do your best, give your all, runthe race, endure, persevere, and sharpen; the problem is when we get so focused on DOING that we forget it is really about BEING. it is all about the being. being with our Savior. being with others. being present. being thankful. being still. being before the face of God (Coram Deo) and allowing Him to speak to us and sing over us and soothe our weary minds and calm our anxious hearts. being in His arms. being like our Savior. letting Him shower us with lovingkindness. He is a good God. and He longs to commune with us. He wants to walk with us in the coolness of the day. to refresh us. to heal us. to minister to us. and that is why He so often reminds us to BE STILL and REST. He knows we need it. i need it.

less doing more being.