taking stock

august's end

making / the most of my days (at least, i am trying my darndest).

cooking / bounty bowls and tacos.

drinking / green juice + coffee + champagne (and a stout here and there).

reading / packaging copy + websites + dr. suess (and not enough of my fiction reads).

wanting / faaaaaaaaaaaaall. i know, i know #sobasic.

looking / at my calendar. hello september! can't believe it. which reminds me: elinor is in charge of the preschool snack on friday. note to self.

playing / with ridley and his soccer ball and golf balls and basketball and football and baseball...and his golf club too. which he likes to brandish like a little knight (with which, he will occasionally bonk me in the face). and playing school and dress up with elinor. she is on a major imagination kick and I LOVE IT. sometimes the two playtimes converge which is a real hoot. elinor trying to lead her class with ridley waving his golf club sword in her face while YELLING taaaaadaaaaaa! sheesh.

wasting / dry shampoo. elinor got ahold of it and there was p o w d e r e v e r y w h e r e #dryshampoohaduststorm.

sewing / all the plans, none of the time.

wishing / that i could live on pastries.

enjoying / my morning runs. pounding the pavement. meditating. thinking. worshipping. 

waiting / on barnone to open. we are coming for ya, uprooted kitchen.

liking / my friday post-preschool coffee dates with elinor. we grab a little pick-me-up beverage for her to bring home and enjoy during her snack. she sips away and we chat about her day while ridley eats his lunch. it's so good.

wondering / what this time next year will look like...

loving / the changing light. i can sense the shift in the seasons and it is magical to me.

hoping / that God is glorified in our home and marriage and parenting and friendships and work and play. in our life.

marveling / at ben's ridiculously nerdy spreadsheets. he is hardcore, you guys. macros for days (and i do mean Excel macros not that new diet trend).

needing / to give myself a mud mask.

smelling / pu-erh brewing. frankincense smoldering. rose hand cream.

wearing / ginormous earrings. love the look, hate the weight. 

noticing / the significant role that music plays in my everyday life.

knowing / that i need to focus on BEING instead of DOING.

thinking / about fun ways to freshen up the 'do.

feeling / energized and concurrently, ready for relaxation.

bookmarking / christmas decor inspo.

opening / a card from elinor. she has taken to using stationery (my crane stationery that was in the guest room bedside table which i forgot to remove when we moved that piece of furniture into her room) to jot notes to us after her nap. i don't love that she is going through fancy stationery like no big deal (and during the last minutes of her nap when she should technically be sleeping) but i can't be upset with the sweet gesture. it's precious that she wants to scribble notes to share with us when she comes downstairs after naptime. i will treasure them for sure.

giggling / at ridley's silliness. he is such a ham.