WORTH takeaway

yesterday i popped into worth takeaway to grab some lunch grub for the family and to restock on some other provisions. you know, things like iconic cocktail co. mixers and the simple farm dark chocolate dipped goat milk caramels with see salt fleur de sel. ESSENTIALS.

this place is SO GOOD. they craft their food with total care and use ingredients and elements from other fab local folks. one example: their use of proof bread. it's good stuff. their ciabatta is just incredible. perfect pillows of floury goodness ideally suited for soaking up all of the sandwich extras. 

i made sure that we scheduled a stop on sunday because it was the last day to enjoy their latest collab sandwich special - the brisket sandwich with little miss bbq. and let me tell you, it was more than WORTH it. quite possibly the best sandwich of my life. smoked brisket + red onion jam + pickled shallots + horseradish crème fraîche. served on that proof bread i was talking about. AND served with their house chips. WOAH. we also got a breakfast sammie and a reuben, for good measure. and caramels for dessert, but of course. so, you can safely say that yesterday's lunch was primo. 

thank you, WORTH for serving up such thoughtful food with a warm and pleasant attitude to boot. see you around the bend.