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so i have been thinking a lot about this F O M O thing. if you aren't familiar with that acronym, it stands for: Fear Of Missing Out.

F O M O is no joke. it doesn't mess around. and it is stealing joy and lives left and right. especially in this digital age, where everyone is sharing pretty squares of their lives and we can consume it all day long. filters. curation. et cetera. and while there is nothing wrong with sharing the beauty in life - inspiring - aspiring...caveat emptor. beware of the trap of comparison. beware of F O M O.

i recently read a passage from brené brown (#risingstrong) and it summed up the danger of F O M O perfectly. i was going to ramble and muse, but instead, i will let brené do the talking:

DON'T LET FOMO KILL YOUR MOJO. the "fear of missing out" is what happens when scarcity slams into shame. FOMO lures us out of our integrity with whispers about what we could or should be doing. FOMO's favorite weapon is comparison. it kills gratitude and replaces it with "not enough". we answer FOMO's call by saying YES when we mean NO. we abandon our path and our boundaries and those precious adventures that hold meaning for us so we can prove that we aren't missing out.

BUT WE ARE. we're missing out on our own lives.every time we say YES because we are afraid, we say NO to something. that something may be a big dream or a short nap. we need both. courage to stay our course and gratitude for our path will keep us grounded and guide us home.

so on this lovely friday and heading into the weekend, say NO so you can say YES to the things that matter. don't let comparison steal your joy. let us work for God and not for man. let us seek the approval of the Most High. let us find rest in Him. let us find joy in the beautiful lives He has laid before us.