recent happy things

IMG_2016 morning caffeine pitstops at a local favorite. not only is the iced coffee superb, but you can't beat being greeted by that striped umbrella. and the industrial bistro vibe is topnotch.


when your man comes home from his 10 hour day and says that he is making dinner and then sending you away to enjoy that evening dark room hot yoga sesh you've been wanting to do FOREVER.


sipping rosé with dinner. and finishing our glasses of pretty pink outside while the kids play.


flower child elinor. i took the kids out for a festive earth day lunch and before we left the house, elinor went out front and plucked a tiny bloom from a tree and asked if i would tuck it into her topknot. um, the cutest.


my man, the baker. i put a few of ben's sourdough demi-baguettes to super good use for sunday supper. we usually just enjoy a slice or two on sunday, pairing the freshly baked bread with whatever meal we are making. but this week, i opted for making a meal out of them. hmmm...which does mean less to have as toast this week. but, i suppose life is about compromise. or maybe, ben should start doubling the recipe on the weekly. hint hint.

one side of the bread was smothered in vegenaise. the other was slathered with smashed avocado. smoky tempeh and local red lettuce betwixt. this is one of my favorite sandwiches and everyone gobbled it up. 



spring evening strolls. sometimes, we just meander. sometimes, we walk to the park for playtime. sometimes, we are on a mission for ice cream or cookies or coffee. but we are making the most of these pleasant evenings by getting outside together, for just a spell before bedtime. letting elinor explore and ask a million questions and chuckling at her commentary. watching as ridley looks around and kicks happily. enjoying the interaction between ridley and elinor. conversing. holding hands. sweet moments, for sure.



the vibrant colors of the desert in bloom. i am so obsessed with the remarkable botanicals all around us. they are so captivating and striking. i love the contrast of their neon colors against the dull dirt. they are delightfully spinous and sharp. tough and resilient. a thing of beauty.